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Transformative Postural Therapy
for high-impact chronic pain

Our unique human Posture is not just the alignment of our joints and the working of our muscles and nerves! it embodies our Life stories, our successes and failures, our stress and our past traumas

Our Mind shapes our Posture. When we suffer High-impact Chronic Pain, the Body is telling us a story

The Body doesn't Lie

Sylviane has become a Master at reading the story that your muscles imbalances, your movement patterns, your posture, are telling. 

This ground-breaking approach is revolutionizing the Physical Therapy Industry. It gets to the root cause of High-impact Chronic pain and changes your life.

Your Posture is shaped

by your Mindset 

Your muscles are emotional ! 

 limited beliefs and trauma create a chain of events

in your body that crystallise the pain and prevent healing



Years of bad postural habits

caused by unresolved past injuries, faulty Training, 

Trauma and mental health issues


create muscle imbalances. When your muscles have been misused, abused,  or not been used at all for long enough, Postural and movement dysfunctions ensue and interfere in the normal Neuromuscular patterns encoded in your body!


These patterns define postural alignment, our biomechanics and the way we move. Ultimately it creates havoc in the body affecting the health of our joints, muscles and Nerves, producing wear and tear, inflammation, spinal and joint issues, and nerve pain. High-impact chronic pain can last for years, but despite our best efforts, surgery, drugs and years of pain management plans are the only options.

if you want more information, go to to learn all about High-impact chronic pain and the Biomechanics of our beliefs™.

What to expect

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After your Booking, you will be sent a link to an in depth Self-assessment at home with targeted exercises.You will send pictures of your posture to be analysed digitally by Sylviane, nothing better than the eyes of an expert! 


During your Initial consultation, we will thoroughly investigate your lifestyle,  posture, biomechanics, movement and neuromuscular patterns, and the stress factors in your life, past and present.


A Tailored Program with Transformational exercises will be designed, and You will have a second appointment to learn the exercises in transformative detail. 

Healing is triggered by the Psychosomatic awareness you experience during these powerful sessions with Sylviane  and it is reinforced by Dynamic rehabilitation exercises that are Neurosomatic in essence and highly meditative

Your investment


Transformative Postural Therapy Online consultations 

working with Sylviane online means, you must commit to 

1 x offline postural and neuromuscular self-assessment:

Postural Analysis

1 x 30 minutes on zoom for your report 

1 x 1-hour zoom session: sensorimotor exercise program 

Your Investment


Live Consultations

Sylviane Travels the world to treat patients and train Physical Therapists; life consultations are only available upon request. 

It includes

Postural and neuromuscular Assessment

Tailored exercises

Hypnotherapy: one-month program 

Your investment

USD 1100 

Sylviane's All inclusive Package ( see below)

Our Package!
for a liberating
Psychosomatic Experience

You deserve to be Free from Pain

and Thrive !

Many patients combine physical assessment and rehabilitation programs with

a Rapid Transformative Hypnotherapy Healing session.


High-impact chronic pain

is a different beast altogether!

Our posture inevitably reflects a lifetime of unconscious postural and psychological habits downloaded through protective neuromuscular patterns.


Childhood abuse, limiting beliefs, traumas, our past experiences, successes and failures might be hijacking your body and be the root of chronic pain. 


A transformational Hypno-somatic session combining the Physical and Psychological landscape of your issue will allow you to explore the stress factors of high-impact chronic pain and free you from its claws.


We will reframe your mindset and rewire your brain to heal and transform your life.



1 x offline self-assessment

1 x 30 minutes on zoom for your report analysis

1 x 1-hour zoom session: sensorimotor exercise program 


USD  990 (save USD110)