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Terms and Conditions

The SCOPE Training Program consists of workshop and online training modules. It is  an interactive experience designed to help each participant understand that posture is more than the alignment of our joints but also a mental attitude.   During the Postural Psychology and physiology training you will be instructed in the Scope Method framework.

The Scope Method Framework, the Postural psychology and Physiology course materials along with follow up resources available exclusively to Scope alumni through the SCOPE Education Support or SCOPEES, are the proprietary intellectual property of Sylviane Gourdon.James.

By participating in the Postural P&P workshop and course, you have the opportunity to apply what you learn from the Scope Method  to any entity with which you are currently associated or later join. After your course/Workshop experience, you may use the Method to integrate in your own practice and help your patients change their lives. A participant may not reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute copies, perform, display, record, scan, post or distribute the materials associated with the Scope Method and content of postural psychology and physiology course

The rights and opportunity to train, teach or present the SCOPE method Workshop and the associated content reside exclusively with Sylviane Gourdon.James words and certified SCOPE Method Trainers.  SCOPE course/ Workshop alumni may not modify or distribute the exclusive Course content to unaffiliated workshops, businesses or individuals. Additionally, SCOPE Alumni may not sell, or offer to consult on, materials related to the course/workshop.

Attending the SCOPE Method Workshop/course in-person or accessing the Online Course content acknowledges an understanding and acceptance of the terms of this Agreement.