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Sylviane G.James founded SCOPE

"To Leave a deep footprint in the future of human health

and resolve chronic musculo-skeletal pain"

"...there is so much more to do" she says  "an approximate 1.7 billion people across the world * suffer from some form of chronic pain. This burden has been put in the "too hard" basket by the conventional health system and it is at the bottom of the political agenda. The cost of these conditions to the Australian economy in 2012 was more than AUD55 billion**!" Sylviane G.James Founder of SCOPE

At SCOPE we believe that it is time for a game-changing approach in the way we look at health and the healing process. Our goal is to create more leaders so that we can make a real difference in one of the world's most misunderstood, pervasive and costly burdens: chronic pain and, in particular, chronic musculo-skeletal pain.

Our healthy state should be our natural, strong, creative-thinking, free self, but instead we are “bugged” down by a technology- and money-driven society where status is our measurement for power and health is defined as “no bug”.

The confusion is total, the pressure constant, and it is reflected in our psychological and physical well being.


Our body, the way we move and our mental attitude, have adapted to conform with little questioning and one of the results is 1.7 billion people living with chronic physical and psychological pain and trauma, with an old and tired health model that cannot give them long lasting relief.

Indeed our current health system has put this worldwide, costly and misunderstood problem in the "too hard" basket. Integrative and alternative medicine is more popular than ever as we all search for more "wholistic" solutions. These approaches are generally more caring, less invasive and bring longer lasting results.

The emergence of a new scientific paradigm, quantum physics has allowed us is turning our perception of the world and of ourselves upside down, and we realise that this is giving us responsibility and a new found power over our life, dreams and health. So we have a lot to adjust to.

As frightening as this can be , it is also amazingly inspiring and we have in our hands the power to create a health care system that recognizes and embraces core values where the therapeutic relationship between practitioner and patient is considered the fundamental and the level of communication and education is encouraging a real cooperation.  The patient is asked to take his/her share of responsibility in the healing process and this can only be achieved when the therapist, not only listen and treat but also and most importantly educate and empower their patients.


"The future of health demands that we listen to the person experiencing pain,

rather than just the pain experienced by that person" Sylviane G.James

The SCOPE of disciplines that were put together into the Scope Method include musculo-skeletal and neuromuscular assessment and rehabilitation processes together with the revolutionary approach of postural psychology,  the science of intuition, the art of reading a body, the practice of awareness, "feeling" our mind through our muscles , practicing mindful and subtle exercises and the fine Art of Teaching them to patients who have disconnected from their body.

The Scope Practitioners will become the best so they can deliver the best to their patients.

*Data from a World Health Organization survey, which showed a world-wide prevalence of chronic pain in the range of 20% to 30%

**Christopher Williams, Research Fellow at Hunter Medical Research Institute, Hunter New England Local Health District, University of Newcastle