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If your body is back in alignment, you give yourself the ideal equilibrium for healing and avoid further problems. But "good" posture is not about "standing straight" as your mum probably said it to you more than once! Posture reflects not only our physical but also our psychological habits and traumas. Unresolved injuries, faulty training and repetitive movments can all be the root cause of postural dysfunction and  chronic pain. So can be unresolved psychological traumas and negative beliefs. Long term stress can become our default state and manifest as dysfunctional postural and neuro-musculoskeletal patterns as well as illnesses.  


A full consultation with Sylviane will address all human dimensions so you can

Break free from the habits of chronic neuro-muscular pain!





You can benefit If you suffer from:

1.Physical traumas: These refer to unresolved postural, post injury, post surgery issues, or neuro-muscular dysfunctions such as , sciatica, femoral nerve pain, Parkinson's etc..

2.Psychological and social challenges refer to developmental traumas ( parental education and emotional relationships), personal traumas, long-term career, business or relationship stress.



  •  Please fill up A booking and intake form:
    • This form requires that you upload :

      • The "written reports or letters" from MRI, X Ray, Scans or other tests. Please do not send images -

      •  4 relaxed ‘Static Posture Photos’ for Postural Analysis (Front, Back, Left & Right Side Views) Ensure we can see your shoulders, hips, ankles and feet. i.e. 2 pieces swimming costume, underwear or similar are best and should be tight fitting, . No singlet or tee shirts or crossed Bras in the back, and no shoes or socks. Ensure the photos are level, well lit and accurate to your current posture. You can encrypt your photos if you wish so they are visible only to your Therapist.

    • Sylviane will then analyze these documents

  • You will receive a confirmation date for your initial consultation and payment details.

  • If necessary, you might be sent a link to perform a "self assessment " for further information




  • Initial session is 1 hour, at the time confirmed  - Following this first consult Sylviane will design a Personalized Program

  • Second consult is also 1 hour.  It is a coaching session and teaching of your

  • Returning  patients, follow the instructions on the "Existing patients" box below

  • If you are booking a Face to Face consultation just read the instructions in the "face to face consults" box below



COST $150 per consult **

Individual Consultations: You must commit and pay for the first two consults in advance in order to get all the elements necessary to start the healing process.

* The prices are in US$ and will be converted in the currency of your choice with the lowest exchange rate (true mid market value with no bank fees)


Follow-up consultations: .1/2 hour: US$80 - 45mn: US$110 - 1Hour: US$150

You can book and pay in advance: 6 follow up consults with a 5% discount

You will be able to take this offer at the end of your second consult, if follow ups are necessary.


PLEASE NOTE: Prices are in US$

Due to high demand, the current waiting time for new patients can be around 2 weeks, although we do make every effort to accommodate you as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding



face-to-face consultation

Sylviane's training programs allow for consultations in different countries and cities, but as a consequence can only be available in accordance with her timetable.

Ensure you include your name, phone number and a brief description of your symptoms in your email. Thank you

Alternatively you can book an online consultation

new patient



If you have got all your information ready

YOUR INITIAL ONLINE CONSULTS consist of TWO x 1 hour sessions and your personalized Program

These sessions are  usually a week or two apart depending on workload.

Payment for both sessions and your program must be made in full in advance

Payment details will be sent with  confirmation of Booking

Sylviane consults with people all over the word and offers possibility of payment in 4 major currencies

The amount is in accordance with "mid-market" rate of that day.





Simply book your next appointment with Sylviane by filling up a request for

follow up Consult

Please Note

Skype consults must be paid in full in advance. Bank details in your currency will be send to you with your booking confirmation

Thank you