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Health&Life Coaching
Clinical  Hypnotherapy


The first and most important person you must believe in is


Relaxing at Home

This incredibly powerful Program

in the hands of an expert

will change your Life!

Sylviane has walked your path, climbed similar mountains as yours and has a lifetime of experience and wisdom. She is also clairaudient and will help you shine and realise your dreams.

What is in the way of your Healing?

 What stops you from living the Life you deserve?

What makes your dreams just a Dream?

RTT™ will identify in the most precise most powerful way the source of your Limiting beliefs and heal Past trauma.

Anxiety and Depression, are symptoms of the way we look at Life! Your past has shaped you but it doesn't have to be forever.  

Most of the time one session is enough.

Step out of your comfort zone 
to where the real growth happens,
and start living

And extraordinary life today!

Life coaching

We are "Plastic

 Dynamic, Powerful Beings

If we choose to be!

Together we will break through

your limitations, self-sabotage, procrastination and your fears.

Understanding is power!
it is the first step to Healing 

Gain clarity 

Get clear and focused on the goals and objectives that will radically change your life

Love yourself 

Gain new tools and confidence to breakthrough limitations

Dream out loud 

Renew your energy, improve your psychology and reach your goals 

Master your emotions

Tap into courage, strength, passion and confidence in the face of challenges

Listening to Music

"Most of my clients have been seeking real results, that do not involve months or even years of Therapy! They are often Talk-Therapy rather than profoundly transformative" SJ

The 4 steps to freedom


It's a One Month commitment to Yourself


Step up and Thrive!

Change your life, Transform your limiting beliefs, Heal Trauma, Find your purpose, Achieve Your Dreams, and Be who you are born to be.

Step 1. Initial Consult A one-hour In-Depth assessment to articulate exactly the issue you wish to address during the Hypnotherapy session. Let's get into what you really want!

Step 2. Your mind-blowing 2-hour 1/2 (+) Hypnotherapy session (We will take the time we need! Your dedication to transforming your life deserves it!)

Step 3. A tailored "imprinting" audio is recorded after your session so you can continue the hypnotherapy work for a further 21 days. Your commitment is to listen to it every day 

Step 4. We will get back in touch for a short 20 minutes debrief on a call or via email at the end of the month

Your investment in Yourself 

One-month Rapid Transformational Therapy

USD 790

If you wish to pay in your currency, the amount will be calculated according to the current exchange rate. No extra fees will be added (AUD, Pounds, Euros, SGD)

Not sure yet?

Life Coaching online consults

You are not quite ready for a Hypnotherapy session, that's fine.

Sylviane has walked the paths. She has climbed mountains similar to yours. We are born to shine! Our experiences shape our view of the world and our place in it. What is in the way is often crystallised in our conditioned minds, our past failures and successes.  

Together we will clarify your goals, and smash the old perceptions that limit your freedom of being who you want to be.


 Dream out loud !

Book an online Life-coaching consultation! One hour jam-packed with advice that can help you travel your life at your full potential. Sylviane will take you from where you are to where you want to be!

Your investment
USD 200 - one hour consult
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