Rapid Transformational Therapy™

When we want to change  our Life's circumstances

We need to start within!

Relaxing at Home


This incredibly powerful Program

in the hands of an expert

will change your Life!

Sylviane is an Intuit, she has walked your path, climbed similar mountains as yours and have a life time of experiences and wisdom to help you shine and realise your dreams.

What is in the way of your Healing?

 What stops you from living the Life you deserve?

What makes your dreams just a Dream?

RTT™ will identify in the clearest most powerful way the source of your Limiting beliefs and heal Past trauma

Anxiety and Depression, are  symptoms of  the way we look at Life! Your past has shaped you but it doesn't have to be forever.  

We are "plastic",  dynamic, powerful  beings if we want to be.


Together we will break through

your limitations, self-sabotage, procrastination and your fears.


Be ready !

To change your Life, to Step up, and Take off! 

Listening to Music

Most of my clients have been seeking real results, that do not involve months or even years of Therapy that are often talk therapy rather than profoundly transformative.

The 4 steps to freedom


It's a One Month commitment to Yourself


Step up and Thrive!

Change your life, Transform your limiting beliefs, Heal Trauma, Find your purpose, Achieve Your Dreams, Be who you are born to be.

Step 1. MAPS Consult (Money, Motivation, Addictions, Achieving goals, Pain, Public-speaking, Stress, Self-confidence and more)

A 45 minutes In-Depth assessment to articulate exactly what will be addressed during the Hypnotherapy session. Let's get into what you really want!

Step 2. Your mind-blowing 2 hour 1/2  Hypnotherapy session. 

Step 3. A tailored "imprinting" audio is recorded at the end of the session to continue the hypnotherapy work for a further 21 days. Your commitment is to  listen to it every day 

Step 4. We get back in touch for a short 15 minutes debrief on a call or via email at the end of the month


Your one-month program Investment  


if you decide to pay in a different currency ( Pounds, Euros, AUD ) the exchange rate is calculated according to the mid market rate on that day and may change without notice. NB: Euros will incur a 0.90% fee