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Advanced Postural Therapy™ is the art and science of reading our human Posture in such a way that we can identify the underlying limiting Mindset

and heal all of our human dimensions






Pain is Life's strategy to wake us up

so we can evolve

The human stance is very efficient amidst the animal kingdom. Our postural muscles work together effortlessly to support our spine and keep our body upright.

The drawback of this incredible efficiency is that if any one muscle along the chain of support fails to function, the whole system declines.
Let it be that way long enough and it will have devastated effect. Postural misalignment lock muscles into chronic tension and weakness, restricting our movement and stressing the joints, often creating inflammation, wear and tear and causing pain: arthritis, bulging discs, frozen shoulders, hip and knee pain are some examples of postural misalignment.


BUT what is the root cause of this Postural cahos? It can result from unresolved injuries but also from long standing emotional stress and trauma. Limiting beliefs are a source of inner conflicts and threaten our sense of security, our sense of self and trigger the stress response.

This Physical response translates into our postural and visceral muscles and our breath, creating tension. If the past injury , if the psychological inner conflict, if the stress, are unresolved, cahos sets in, our pains become chronic. A chronic conflict with our fears.

The truth is, we are multidimensional beings. Health is not anymore about fixing a physical body that falls to pieces. It is about the alignment or the coherence of all our dimensions so that what we are in ess e nce -Life itself - can keep expanding, evolving, growing as it has always done since the dawn of times.
Chronic pain raises questions in all levels of our being, and it is the symptom of a profound disequilibrium. Pain is Life 's  strategy for any organism, including us, to learn, transform and raise to its optimum level of being, optimum level of consciousness - So if in chronic pai the fundamantal questions to ask is: How does my beliefs shaped by my environment, my family, the society, culture i live in, the conventions, ideas, concepts i must follow to belong compare to what i deeply feel i am? How do they align with or how are they in synchronicity with Life demands to grow? And do they dictate my behaviours in such a way that I feel powerless or in conflict? Chronic pain demands courage, to reinvent ourselves, to  face our fears and transcend them, to accept to loose what we have so we can be more, to look at WHAT LIFE WANTS so we can make the choices that serves WHAT WE ARE, before serving who we think we should be. And we can READ the Biomechanics of the BODY in such a way that we identify the very beliefs that are the very obstacles to our transformation.





Past traumas whether physical or psychological create limiting beliefs and protective mechanisms that are inevitably embodied as a physical stress response. Our fears and emotions are unconsciously translated into the appropriate muscle groups through the nervous system so we can act, protect or defend ourselves.

When we are unsuccessful at resolving the traumas, at changing the beliefs, whether post-injury, surgery, accident, disasters, illness, childhood,  violence... Our breathing, the functions & muscles of our organs are constantly recruited by this encoded survival mechanism.  Some muscles are being overused, while muscle "amnesia" also set in.  The imbalance leads to the misalignment of our posture, our spine, our joints and over time, it is the whole biomechanics of the Body that reflects our limiting beliefs and the conditioning of our mind.


It is under those parameters that we determine where a person is holding emotional traumas. The traumatic stories might be different with each person but they are embodied in predictable physical and postural patterns. Life patterns.

A thorough Postural and biomechanical assessment takes us to a person's mindset, help determine the fundamental beliefs and limiting conditioning at the root of someone's chronic pain and chronic stress.

TAILORED EXERCISE PROGRAMS are designed to not only realign and strengthen the body, they reconnect people with their body, and what it means to be human - To be LIFE itself. 

HYPNOSOMATIC SESSIONS help clear limiting beliefs and traumas ensuring a deep healing and transformative process. 

Postural Psychotherapy is not about fixing the Pain, fixing the Trauma, it is about awakening and transforming lives.

The magic happened when Sylviane found a way to address Body*Mind*Spirit


Advanced Postural therapy stands on the shoulders of world-renowned healers.


Dr Joe Dispenza, HeartMath, Dr Peter Levine, Dr Pat Ogden, Jenda methodology and the Prague School of rehabilitation, Trich Wisbey-Roth and Jeff Murray, Olympic Physiotherapists and head of Olympic Games massage team, Rich Phaigh, Chiropractor and postural expert, Rudi Eckard Energy Healer, The Australian Academy of Hypnotherapy, Marisa Peer, my yoga Teachers, BKS Iyengar Yoga Master, and last but not least Sylviane's Life experiences dedicated to exploring the language of Life, and how it was translated into the body, mind and spirit of humanity.

Sylviane’s incessant search for a way to heal her own chronic pain is at the source of The Biomechanics of Beliefs and Postural Psychotherapy.

The MAGIC happened when She finds the thread that unifies these different disciplines and her own experience and wisdom.  It is through subtle alchemy, that she finds a way to address simultaneously Body, Mind and Spirit.

Today, after years of research, trials and errors and clinical application, it has become the go-to healing methodology for people all over the world.

There is now hope for the 1.7 billion people who did not know whom to turn to.  We can help in unprecedented ways. Let's do it together .

Sylviane speaks of Spiritual Tissues, Emotional Muscles,  Embodied Mind...

She says " Whether you come for chronic physical, or psychological pain, the system of inquiry always starts with the same question.

What does Life want of you at this point in time?  And how did you organise resistance to evolving, in your mind-body-spirit?

Pain is but the encoded Alert signal that Life has designed so we can learn new tricks and evolve. When the state of homeostasis is threatened. When our familiar sense of self and what we believe is threatened, it is Life's way to make us aware that there is an opportunity to learn, and transcend our fears and pains and grow, evolve.  Whether we like it or not, it is the most efficient "Life's tool" humanity has today to be on its merry evolutionary path" .

And because we are multidimensional, i wanted to find out how the body was telling the story of the mind that in turn tells the stories of our conditioning, limiting beliefs, fears and traumas.

When we look at the human Posture through the lens of evolution, we can see that standing upright is inevitably linked to a shift in consciousness. We are bound by Life's universal laws. They trickle down from the One intelligence-Consciousness into myriads of forms.  Standing upright is not just a posture it is a state of consciousness that allowed us to evolve awareness in such extraordinary ways. We are now conscious beings and responsible to  take our species to greener pastures" SGJ



I want to contact you

Postural rehabilitation 

Psychosomatic transformation


(see Sylviane field of expertise and List of conditions


Chronic physical pain of the human Body is the expression of a misalignment with the fundamental laws of Physics and the fundamental laws of being in a human form.


The psychosomatic dysfunctions of our human posture reflect our mindset. The debilitating mental and physical stresses of long term unresolved injuries,  but also past traumas, limiting self beliefs,  relationships and career issues, environmental and lifestyle challenges, all participate in chronic muscle tension and imbalances, eating chaos in the body. Realignment of the Posture through careful assessments, tailored exercise programs and new life strategies will transform Your life .

For online consultations 

On your online booking you will be asked to

* Upload your reports, MRI, XRAYs, SCANS, and Dr Recommendations

*If applicable you will be sent a Self-assessment form - A rigorous set of exercises to perform and more information to  submit.

* The consultation is on Zoom or Skype

  • A minimum of 2 sessions minimum are required

  • Session 1 Assessment

  1. In depths Postural and Muscular Assessment

  2. Exploration of the roots of pain

  • Session 2 Coaching

  1. Tailored program: Postural rehabilitation exercises

  2. Life strategies & coaching

  • Follow up as required

Investment: $250 per consultation

Payment is due in advance. You will be sent Bank Transfer details to accommodate your currency.

Paypal payments incurs a USD 8 fee

USD payments incurs a fee of USD 7.50

Life Mentoring



If you lead a full life,

you will be faced with choices.

If you lead a full life,

you will be faced with challenges

The question is,

how do you cope with

these choices and challenges ?

As a Life Mentor Sylviane has walked the path before. She has climbed a mountain similar to yours, and has unique insights to help you on your journey. The role of a Life mentor is  different from the one of  a Life coach in that the goal is not just to help you with specific projects, personal goals and crisis, Sylviane's Mentoring will not only transmit knowledge, understanding and strategies but  somehow bring about a recognition in someone of their own true nature. What is already present cannot be taught. It can only be revealed. Sylviane won't make decisions for you but rather she shed light on your journey from a perspective that is non-judgemental and compassionate. She knows the importance of separating people’s behaviors from the people themselves

Sylviane is remarkable in her intuitive guidance. No two sessions are ever the same and Sylviane usually does not recall what she has said, hence the sessions are recorded for you.

Life Mentoring sessions can help People suffering from unresolved physical and psychological trauma, health issues, limiting beliefs, Life challenges and crises.

Investment: USD 300 - USD 400 per couple



Hypnosis is no different from a profound state of meditation during which you can achieve a deep level of relaxation, so we can communicate directly with your subconscious and create the changes you seek.

Hypnotherapy states are not about being asleep, not at all, it is the sleep of the nervous system. You have full control but you may perceive and identify past memories, limiting beliefs with more clarity and calm. We then release and transform limiting beliefs and perceptions through the Body cellular memory and the perceived body sensations, in full Presence. 

People have cleared mental and physical traumas and related health problems with the help of hypno-somatic therapy.

Sylviane is highly intuitive, clairaudient, and her sessions are transformational.

Investment: USD 450 - includes initial call, a 2 hour session, and a tailored recording to be listened daily for the next 21 days 

Payment is made at the time of booking

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