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Chronic Pain &
Postural Therapy


Physical chronic pain is only one part of the picture!

Neuromuscular and Postural Assessment 

Identify the underlying mindset  

 Rehabilitation Program


Female Hypnotherapy Patient

Rapid Transformation Therapy

 Clinical Hypnotherapy

What Prevents you
from healing?

We will  identify your limiting beliefs,
heal past trauma,
Erase old conditioning
Access new information,

Transform Your Life!

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Chronic pain and Postural Therapy 

Years of bad habits and you see

Muscle imbalances and Postural dysfunctions interfere in the normal 

Neuromuscular patterns

 encoded in your body

These patterns define 

 postural alignment

biomechanics and efficient movement 

Wear and tear, inflammation, spinal and joints issues

Nerve pain and overall chronic pain eventually ensue 

Sylviane will assess your posture, your muscles imbalances, your biomechanics and neuromuscular patterns, and design

transformational exercise program 


Healing is triggered by the Psychosomatic awareness you experience during these powerful sessions with Sylviane 

and it is reinforced by Dynamic rehabilitation exercises that are neuro somatic in essence and highly meditative


Your Posture is shaped

by your Mindset 


Your muscles are emotional ! 

 limited beliefs and trauma

create a chain of events

in your body that crystallise the pain and prevent healing

Life coaching is always part of a session but you can also  get profound help with Sylviane Transformational Hypnotherapy sessions

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Rapid Transformation

Rapid Transformation 


This incredibly powerful Hypnotherapy modality in the hands of an expert

will change your Life

Sylviane's sessions are Powerful, transformative.

Sylviane is an Intuit, she has walked your path, climbed similar mountains as yours and have a life time of experiences and wisdom to help you

shine and realise your dreams.

what is in the way of your Healing?

 What stops you from living the Life you deserve?

What makes your dreams just a dream?

RTT™ will identify in the clearest most powerful way

the source of your

 Limiting beliefs

and heal Past trauma

Anxiety and Depression, are  symptoms of

the way we look at Life! Your past has shaped you but it doesn't have to be forever.  

We are "plastic",  dynamic, powerful  beings if we want to...

Together we will

break through your limitations, your self-sabotage, your procrastination and your fears


Be ready to change your Life, to step up, and take off! 

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 C'est La vie! 
Life Coaching

How to be your


Once you body and your mind are back in alignment

Once you have broken through the layers of conditioning that stopped you from being who you feel you are meant to be 


When you have emerged 

from your old limited self and stepped into the Light of the New you, 

How? might you ask

are you going to build your future.


Now that you know that your dreams are yours to manifest,

Now that you know and feel you deserve every bit of it,  that you have a new sense of self, a new understanding of yourself and Life, now that you have a purpose, a sense of belonging, that you know you matter, that the past is behind you, a simple memory that does not highjack your life anymore..

how are you going to know what to do next ?

This coaching with Sylviane is going to take you

from A to B

No matter what your

A and B are

Sylviane's coaching program helps you design your new Life,  and navigate through the learning curves of becoming your


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