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Postural rehabilitation &

mind coaching Programs


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Chronic physical pain of the human Body expresses a misalignment with  fundamental laws of Physics and the fundamental laws of Life and being in a human form. As such poor postural habits may be due to limiting and negative beliefs, unresolved physical injuries, faulty training,  poor lifestyle habits and choices, past traumas and more. Realignment of the Posture through careful assessments, tailored exercise programs and new life strategies will transform Your life .

1. Your Biomechanics, Postural analysis and Mindset


When you book you will be asked to

* Upload your reports, MRI, XRAYs, SCANS, Dr Recommendations

*If applicable you will be sent a Self-assessment form - A rigorous set of exercises to perform and more information to  submit.

* We are now ready for your Initial Consultations on Skype or Zoom. The first two sessions are required but you can book and pay them separately.

  • INITIAL CONSULTATIONS ( 2 sessions required)

  • Session 1 Assessment

  1. In depth Physical and Mind Assessment

  2. Exploration of the roots of pain

  • Session 2 Coaching

  1. Tailored program: Postural rehabilitation exercises

  2. Mind coaching - Life strategies


  • FOLLOW UP. may include

  1. Physical and Mind Coaching

  2. New exercises

Investment:$250 Initial consultation

Initial Consultation Includes 1-hour online or face to face assessment + Analysis and report

Follow up $200: Tailored exercises and rehabilitation program


Subsequent Consultations: $200 Per 1-hour session or $110 per 1/2 hour

May include treatment, Progressed exercises, Physical coaching, Life mentoring

Payment is due in advance once your booking form has been received and your time is confirmed. You will be sent Bank Transfer details to accommodate your currency. Paypal payments incurs a $8 fee


Life Mentoring

Hypnosomatic Sessions


If you lead a full life, you will be faced with choices.

If you lead a full life ,you will be faced with problems.

The question is, how do you cope with these choices and problems?

As a Life Mentor Sylviane has walked the path before. She has climbed a mountain similar to yours, and has unique insights to help you on your journey. The role of a Life mentor is  different from the one of  a Life coach in that the goal is not just to help you with specific projects, personal goals and crisis, Sylviane's Mentoring will not only transmit knowledge, understanding and strategies but  somehow bring about a recognition in someone of their own true nature. What is already present cannot be taught. It is like teaching someone to have a body. You can’t really teach the "having a body" to someone who already has a body! But you can make them more aware of the Body they already have. Sylviane won't make decisions for you but rather she shed light on your journey from a perspective that is non-judgemental and compassionate. She knows the importance of separating people’s behaviors from the people themselves

Sylviane is remarkable in her intuitive guidance. No two sessions are ever the same and Sylviane usually does not recall what she has said, hence the sessions are recorded for you.

Life Mentoring sessions can help People suffering from unresolved physical and psychological trauma, health issues, limiting beliefs, Life challenges and crises.


Hypno-somatic therapy

Hypnosis is no different from a profound state of meditation during which you can achieve a deep level of relaxation, so we can communicate directly with your subconscious and create the changes you seek.

Hypno-somatic states are not about being asleep, not at all, it is really about how suggestible you are. You have full control but you may perceive and identify past memories, limiting beliefs with more clarity and calm. We then release limiting beliefs and perceptions through the Body cellular memory and the perceived body sensations, in full Presence. 

People have cleared mental and physical traumas and related health problems with the help of hypno-somatic therapy.

Sylviane is highly intuitive, clairaudient, and her sessions are transformational.

Investment: $250 per sessions - $350 per couple

Note that the hypnotherapy sessions are only individual. If you are a couple you will need to book separately.

Payment is made at the time of booking confirmation and you will be sent Transfer details to accommodate your currency (if possible.) and avoid exchange fees.

Paypal is also available - Let us know if you wish to use Afterpay as an easy  payment plan

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Postural rehabilitation

Mind Coaching

for chronic pain

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Body biomechanics and mindset Assessment, Rehabilitation exercises,

body-mind Coaching

snap consult

Life Mentoring



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Identifying limiting beliefs, Healing physical and psychological traumas, Guidance and strategies for your life’s journey