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It's inevitable !

 ​Limiting beliefs have a biomechanical signature

"When you look at the Body, you look at the Mind

When you look at the Mind you look at the Body" SGJ

Along my journey of recovery, I learned one remarkable truth:

"Our BODY and POSTURE  deeply and inevitably reflects our our beliefs, how we feel and how we interact with the world around us". It is not just the alignment of our joints and our spine, it is aligning to the demands of Life fundamental laws"

The Human Posture is shaped by the demands of our environment. Be it nature, societies, people and events.


Chronic pains are bad thinking and acting habits".

THE GOOD NEWS IS we can change mindset and body biomechanics if we access the right information.

We can read the body's postural dysfunctions in such a way that we may identify the underlying root cause of chronic pain. Whether it is bad postural habit, faulty training, limiting beliefs, or traumas, we can now address the fundamental changes necessary to heal and transform people's lives.


Our biomechanics has an emotional language. Everything we believe, our traumas, our childhood conditioning, our habits are embodied through the nervous system and translated  into predictable POSTURAL biomechanics.

If Tension persists, it will create muscles imbalances and postural dysfunctions. Left unresolved, it will create chaos in the spine, joints, organs and pain.

“Chronic pain is one of the most under-serviced and misunderstood health care problems in the world today, causing major

consequences for the quality of life of the sufferer and a major burden on the health care system in the Western world."

Professor Harald Breivik, International Associate for the Study of Pain

"We must learn to look at the person experiencing the pain rather than just the pain experienced by that person"

Sylviane G. James, Founder of C'est la Vie


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