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From a corporate life in Paris to a health visionary in Sydney...


Two worlds apart you might think, literally even, but not quite. These are but two of the many faces of Sylviane’s incredibly creative life since she left Madagascar and her family at 18 years old and return to her country to start a corporate career in Paris.


But it is her father’s dream, not hers. So she quits, sells the bits and pieces she owns on this planet, packs her life in a small yellow rainproof bag and buys a one way ticket to Penang (Malaysia).


Cheap hotel room, a map of the world laid out in front of her, she picks the destinations she has always dreamed of.

From then on, her Life is led by an almost stubborn if not rebellious desire to know and shape herself. In other words, to do what she wants when she wants, and Life will just have to obey!

She wants no rules, no authority. Of course, she mixes things up: too much ego, not enough reason, too much reasoning, not enough heart. She meets the good, the bad and…the ugly! She falls hard, but she is a fighter, arrogant, controversial, a mind of her own, conventional if need be but never a fool. She takes full responsibility for her downfalls and keeps going. Today she says that her greatest lesson has been persistence. Not any persistence! but "the persistence of trusting in the interaction with the unknown while being ok with the emotional minefield that goes with it". "How devoted are you to your heart desires when everything goes to shred! And it is not over yet, she says, even though I am wiser”.

But Life eventually dictates. She settles down in Sydney and raises a family, opens a restaurant, consult in marketing and heals her wounds. Then the big leap forward.


It all starts when she discovers Yoga by chance, one day, an falls in Love. She decides to devote herself completely to Yoga: For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health… 4 years of intense training. A privileged apprentice/teacher relationship with Kay Parry at the BKS Iyengar Institute of Sydney and in Pune India. Then she starts teaching from church halls to yoga schools. She opens a couple of studios, runs retreats in Australia and overseas regularly: the Solomons Islands for Ausaid and UN expats. The inhospitable Thar Desert of Rajasthan where she lives with a Bedouin family and teaches yoga to the village only one-class of 65 children using only body language

Back in Sydney she mentors teachers, her one on one interactions unveil a gift she was unaware of, her therapeutic interventions brings remarkable results and gives her a direction. She is soon known for her style, her unapologetic way of being herself, her wells of knowledge, her acute intuition and her "french accent"! She becomes the “Queen of Asanas” to some, and a disturbing Black Sheep to others.

She is not on earth to have a career, she is not here to “follow” a path, she is here to listen, learn and “create” her own path. She sees hundreds of students, their family and friends suffering mainly from chronic musculoskeletal and related psychological issues.She realizes how poorly equipped the current healthcare system is for people in chronic pain. 


She is about to know the depth of it for herself!

She falls badly; running down some garden stone stairs. She damages her spine, sacrum, and ankle. She is in constant pain especially when moving. Really great for a Yoga Teacher! An avalanche of symptoms follow her spinal injury such as loss of bowel control (apologies for the faint hearted), a  resurfacing   painful zona (she remembers it from her childhood) on the affected hip, and to make it more interesting, tests reveal chronic hepatitis, debilitating chronic fatigue and the onset of menopause. with all the emotional battles that come with an armada of life changing health issues. She takes it on the chin. “Well if i wanted to learn about chronic pain, there i was, perfect object of study”.

She sees many practitioners, the best they said! GPs, physios, sports medicine, chiropractors, massage therapists, herbalists, nutritionists, you name it… They all help a little but nothing encouraging on the long term. Then one day the verdict falls. The “Guru” of sports medicine whose name we wont reveal says to her ( at 250$ a pop for15 minutes) : “here, this is for pain medication, we won’t operate but just don't do too much! wait a few years and you will feel better” !!!

To her it is obvious both conventional and alternative medicine have put Chronic pain into the “too hard basket”. She won’t have it.

She decides to become the CEO of her body, this is what she knows best, to take control of her own destiny.

She manages to stabilize most of her symptoms with chinese herbs and a strong spirit. She can’t practice yoga the way she used to but she does restorative, she can breathe, she can walk a little and does biceps curls with her shopping bags while walking the daily 100 metres that she can hardly manage between her apartment and the supermarket! She sells her car so she can rest in the bus between home and the yoga studio where she teaches, then she comes back home and literally crashes on her bed for hours. 


Yes it is a blow! She is all about movement, flexibility and strength in mind and Body “…and the body had just closed down, shit !” she smiles “merde!”

“chronic pain sufferers have very few choices for treatment and very little hope to live an engaging Life” she says

So who to turn to for help? she wonders who could know better about musculoskeletal chronic dysfunctions? She thinks that Olympic athletes would have the best of the best! So she knocks on doors, and through persistence, meets with Jeff Murray head of the massage therapists for the 2000 Olympic Games and Trish Wisbey Roth, Physiotherapist and rehabilitation consultant for Olympic and High performance athletes. They will treat her, and she will learn a lot. But it is not enough, she wants them to train her. With relentless determination and despite a few obstacles on the way she is finally accepted in their training programs. “ I can be a pest you know, when i want something” she laughs. She rests during the day as much as she can and studies at night, hours of research. She learns the latest in biomechanics, muscle imbalances, neuromuscular rehabilitation, primal movement patterns, psychotherapy and more.

Over the next 3 years, she gets better and better and decides to open a clinic. “These years spent in research and treatment must be the equivalent of two masters and one doctorate” she says. The success is undeniable, her wholistic approach is paying off. She quickly develops her own clientele in Sydney and interstate and she is called to go to Singapore, Vanuatu and France to treat patients. She continues to study though with brilliant men and women such as Dr Joe Dispenza, renown neuroscientist and the Australian branch of the “Prague School” of Rehabilitation to name the main ones.


But the truth is, she can only help a limited number of patients. A drop in the ocean of the 1.7 billions people worldwide suffering from chronic pain, 33 % of the Australian population. 55 Billion dollars of our 2012 budget. She needs help. She needs to train the next generation of chronic pain specialists or rather healers as she would like to call them. “we just need to re-invente healing, the word is so controversial…”

So 5 years after opening her clinic she founds SCOPE and the SCOPE Method with postural psychology at its core.

Today she is still running her clinic In the northern beaches of Sydney. Her vision is to be part of the growing movement that wants to impact the future of health.

Sylviane post graduate studies and training include:

  • The Prague School of Neuromuscular Science:

    • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization

    • Primal Movements rehabilitation

  • The School of Sensory-Motor Psychotherapy (USA):

    • Trauma and Applied Sensory Motor Psychotherapy

  • Trained by Trish Wisbey Rother (physiotherapist, consultant and rehabilitation specialist for Australian Olympic athletes)

    • Advanced assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of lumbar spine, hip and pelvis

  • Trained by Jeff Murray (Head of Remedial Massage and Exercise Rehabilitation for the NSW Institute of Sports and the 2000 Olympic Games)

    • Onsen Therapy: structural and functional assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of the lower and upper body

    • Sports performance, neuro-muscular exercises and rehabilitation programs

    • Muscle Energy Technique and Muscle Balancing Therapy

  • Trained by Dr. Jo Dispenza (neuroscientist, chiropractor, mindfulness practitioner and author)

    • Neuroscience and brain functions

    • Applied neuroscience

    • Changing chronic behaviors and thought patterns

  • ASA Certification of Hypnotherapy level 1

  • Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy 

  • Senior Yoga Teacher

    • Level 3 senior teacher with 25 years experience

    • Yoga teacher trainer and mentor

    • Four years apprenticeship at the Iyengar Yoga Institute, Sydney and India, with Kay Parry, BKS Iyengar and Geeta Iyengar.

    • Certified Children's Yoga Teacher

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine - Year 1

    • Remedial Chine Massage

    • Principles of Acupuncture

  •  Practitioner and distributor of acupuncture patches (used by NASA's Quantum Healing Program for submarine crews)

  • Member of The National Institute for Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NABCAM)

  • Member of Evolution of Medicine Australia

  • Member of AAPT

  • Member of Yoga Australia