Whether you wish to book a snap consult or a full online consult it is easy.

Snap consult is a "one only question" sent to Sylviane by email: an example would be " my back still hurts, everything failed, even surgery, what can i do?" The price of a snap consult follows the number of questions

Postural Psychotherapy consult: Once you have booked and paid for your session, a link to a  "self-assessment form" will be automatically sent to you with all the instructions necessary. You just need a mat for your self-assessment exercises and a camera (your mobile phone is perfect). That's all. Every data will be analysed before our session.

Follow up consultations: A minimum of two sessions will be required for your Postural Psyhcotherpay consultations. After the initial consult, a tailored program will be designed for you. In the follow up consult, i will train you, explain tools you minght need and recommend further practices


Hypno-somatic sessions: Make your booking and payment prior to our session. Nothing else is required. Follow up consultation will be determined on the day.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.