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Meet Sylviane


When she is still a young adolescent, Sylviane and her family leave France for the ex-French colony of Madagascar off the coast of Africa. She faces a radical culture shock that changes her view of the world forever: extreme poverty, leprosy in the street, corruption, two military coups in the first year,  permanent soldier presence in the street,  curfew, and rice on the black market! But also the magnificent islands, the adventure in the jungle, the wonderful people and friends, the vibrant soirees in the luxury of the upper class, the royal blood!  The contrast is mind-boggling!  However, her father shows her that we can help, build factories, give entire villages work,  repair homes, pay for medical expenses and care for the local people who share our life, and for their families. It shapes her in unprecedented ways and gives her the taste for a bigger Life, for being of service and for travel and discovery. She must go back to Paris to further her education and study marketing to satisfy her father's ambitions for her.  Her corporate career is successful but isn't satisfying; she feels trapped in a narrow life. Her father has shown her other ways to live, meaningful ways. In 1984, she left everything behind and went to discover Asia and the Pacific.

Eventually, she settles in Sydney Australia where she gets married and has two beautiful children. Marketing will help her occasionally, but she turns her attention towards health and Yoga. She trains as a remedial massage therapist, Chinese medecine but it is Yoga that steals her heart. It can finally channel and embody her deep love for movement and satisfies her craving for learning more about body and the working of this busy mind of hers.

She enters the Iyengar Institute of yoga one year later in the hope that her teacher, K.Parry, a direct disciple of BKS Iyengar will pick her as one of the four apprentices she is going to train for the next four years to become the future Australian Iyengar Teachers. The selection is severe, and six months later she is accepted. The privileged relationship Teacher/apprentice is nurturing, and it is a relief when one trains in the rigorous and tough art and science of Iyengar Yoga. She dives into the next four years of intensive training with complete dedication and passion. She trains in Australia and with Guruji BKS Iyengar in India as well as his daughter and son, Geeta, and Prashant. Back in Sydney, she opens her first classes in a church hall and soon her first studio in the northern beaches. Her training allows her to help people with musculoskeletal pain and Life stresses and crisis and she soon establishes herself as a Yoga therapist as well as training the young teachers that are starting to flood the many yoga schools flourishing all over Sydney.

She soon creates "The Art of Alignment" TAOA - The focus is on aligning the body, and mind with Life's intelligence. A vast and never-ending program...


When asked what are her spiritual practice, she says:

"I am not aligned with any religion or spiritual teachings of any kind. For me meditation is  a way of life and not a practice, even though sitting to learn to focus on the breath is a good start.  If anything I remember reading about taoism and I like the fact that they symply emphasise the present moment. For me we are Life intelligence and psychology in the flesh or may be we could say "spiritual tissues"! .There is no separation, litteraly" 


She soon separates from an incresasingly political and "corporate" Iyengar assocation.  and simply follow her path.  

Sylviane has taught yoga, and treated patients in Australia for nearly 25 years and overseas including in a children's school in the desert of Rajasthan, in an orphanage in Rishikesh India, in Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands courtesy of UN and AusAid programs and in Singapore. Her reputation is one of a rigourous, humourous and knowledgeable teacher.


" i would like to have 5% of her knowledge..." Claire Lane "Paradise Yoga" Sydney Australia

She goes through a profound transformation when she falls in 2007 and breaks her lumbar spine, sacrum, and severely damages her lumbosacral nerves complex. The diagnosis is bleak. Spondylolisthesis of L4 L5 S1, pars defect, Cauda Equina syndromes with paralysis from the waist down to the plevic floor.Total loss of bowel control, and weak urinary bladder control.

It is a surgical emergency! She knows it, but she refuses. She knows too well about the risks, the limited movement and the pain that can follow. She also knows about her strength and vitality and trusts her knowledge about the body. She decides to heal herself with the help of the current health care system. But the results are never long lasting and she is in pain constantly. Her Yoga practice is limited to gentle restaurative and a lot of soul searching. She soon discovers how poor and ill equiped conventional medicine is when it comes to chronic pain conditions.


Yoga was her life, now her life is Yoga.

Other health challenges follow shortly after the accident. Its tough: hepatitis C, chronic fatigue, Menaupose-induced depression add themselves to her already painful and debilitating spinal condition. She knows she needs to solve it all but it will take a few years of research, trials and errors before Sylviane finally heals herself 100%. During those years, she will put aside (but never out of sight) the pain, the fatigue, the depression and focuses on healing strategies She will learn a lot, with some of the best practices in the world and a methodology will slowly emerge from the scope of therapies she is investigating.

The SCOPE method is born, she will apply it to her own life, and opens a "chronic pain" clinic in a reputable Chiropractic centre in the northern beaches of Sydney. The results are remarkable and the word of mouth does the rest. Strong of the sucess of her patients she needs to spread the word. It is time to move on to what she knows best: Teaching

Today Sylviane has left the clinic and moved to Bali to have the time and space to write her course and her book. She hopes to train many Yoga therapists and health professionals use her method and help the millions of people still suffering.

Being Present is at the core of the transformation process. She defies the status quo,  The Body is at the Heart of the Mind!  "The Body does not lie" will teach how to read human posture to identify the root cause of chronic pain, be it physical or psychological. All backed up by science and her own incredible experience, this is her new vision and mission in Life.

She is an intuitive and rigorous healer and her vision is to share The Art Of Alignment method with the world and train the future generation of healers to make them leaders in this field. She is a lecturer at the International Yoga Conference in Melbourne and Mentors yoga teachers. She is a writer and is about to launch her first book and course on Chronic pain.


The people she met and trained with along the way:



* Postural and Neuro-musculoskeletal assessments and rehabilitation with Olympic

  Physiotherapist  Dr Trish Wisbey Roth

 * Onsen therapy and the treatment of pain from Dr Rich Phaigh 

* Remedial/Orthopedic massage therapy and rehabilitation with Dr Jeff Murray, head of  Therapeutic massage and rehabilitation for the  Sydney Olympic games 2000 
* Dynamic postural stability and reflexes with Petra Valouchova and Inger Villadsen from the Prague School” of Rehabilitation  and Manual Medicine.

* Brain functions, Self transformation with  Dr Joe Dispenza, from "What the bleek do we know."

* Sensory motor psychotherapy  with Pat Hogden and * Somatic Experiencing from Peter Levine

* The art and science of embodiment - Trauma and the body - Trauma and the nervous system - The Polyvagal theory  with NIBCAM - National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine-

* The Physiological Component of Intuition  with NIBCAM

* Art and science of connectivity and intuition  with Heartmath Institute

* The science of Willpower with NIBCAM

* The art of communication - Personal & professional development with Dr Dimartini

* Anthropology and Posture from the National Center for Biotechnology Information

* Yoga and Applied Anatomy and Physiology

* Iyengar Yoga with BKS Iyengar, Geeta and Prashant Iyengar in India and Kay Parry in Sydney

*Remedial Massage therapy  - College of England Australia

* Chinese medicine and massage- Sydney TCM college ( first year)

*My family for being who they are and not always being who i wanted them to be