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 Meet  Sylviane

Educator, Lecturer, Entrepreneur

Therapist and intuitive Healer, Yoga Teacher and Mentor, hypnotherapist

Sylviane has walked the path before. She has climbed a mountain similar to yours, and has unique insights to help you on your journey.

That day the diagnosis is severe: Cauda Equina Syndrome, She cant feel anything from the waist down the pelvic floor,  and her left leg is becoming very weak.  She has lost  bowel control, It is a surgical emergency! She knows it, but she refuses to go under the knife.

Her decision might have far reaching implications but as a Life-long Yoga Teacher, Meditator and Physical Therapist,  she knows the possible side effects. She has seen it in her students and in her patients over the years. She trusts in herself, her body's intelligence and in her unwavering determination. It will help carry her through years of research, training, trials and errors, so she can give you this powerful method that is based on our decision to align with Life natural and inevitable laws of Being in a human form.

The current thealth system cant help her beyond what they know. And she realises she might even know more than they do.

She needs more. Who could have the lates information that has not trickled down to the public?

She will start a journey of research into  Physical, Psychological and the Nature of Life itself like few have experienced. She meets and train with extraordinary people world wide but she also discover her innate nature, common to all life forms, an intelligence that she embodies.

Its a revelation and the healing  of all her human dimensions takes place. She will share it in a clinic for chronic pain and today she must teach it so more can benefit from her methodology. C'est la Vie Institute is born.

Psychotherapy | Hypnotherapy | Back Pain Treatment | Chronic Pain Treatment | Yoga Teacher | Physical Therapist

C"est La  Vie!   


Awareness and the power to look at her body and at herself as a Life process, always asking to shade old conditionings and align with the demand of higher consciousness is at the heart of her healing. 

She does not disconnect this process from the physical, On the contrary, through gentle and powerful alchemy, she can put the puzzle together. An injury cannot be separated from the larger context of the human posture and The biomechanics of the human posture is inevitably linked to our mindset and belief systems. A Psychosomatic methodology slowly emerges. She calls it the "biomechanics of beliefs". She opens a clinic in the northern Peninsula of Sydney, dedicated to chronic pain. The results are remarkable. She helps many including high performing athletes and celebrities.

Today she lives between Bali, Sydney and France and work with people from all over the world.

"If you listen deep enough into nature

You learn that anything is possible" SGJ

Psychotherapy | Hypnotherapy | Back Pain Treatment | Chronic Pain Treatment | Yoga Teacher | Physical Therapist