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 Meet  Sylviane

Mind-Body Intuit, Passionate by the biomechanics and processes of Life, Physical Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, RTT practitioner,

and Life Coach Extraordinaire!

Entrepreneur, Lecturer, Writer, French and Loving Life...and Food! and wine!

Sylviane has walked the paths before. She has climbed a mountain similar to yours, Highly intuitive, she has unique insights to help you on your journey.

It is a severe spinal injury that will take her to create "C'est La Vie" - "Such is Life!" - Institute of Psychosomatics. 


She has no sensations from the waist down to the pelvis floor and her left leg is getting numb and weak. She has lost bowel control, bladder control and sexual sensations,


The diagnosis is bleak: Cauda Equina Syndrome. Doctors call for surgical emergency!

After much debating and a disapproving medical team, she refuses to go under the knife.

Her decision might have far reaching implications , she can stay paralysed.

She knows the possible side effects of spinal surgery. She has seen it in her patients and in her students. The possible nerve damage, the limited movements, the suffering from unresolved chronic pain. The decision is not easy, she weighs her options carefully. But deep down there is no doubt, she trusts in the intimate and uncommon connection she has with her body. A life dedicated to the Practice and Teaching the very demanding Iyengar Yoga since its beginnings in Australia means that she has developed years of uncommon sensory-motor awareness, a presence that she also uses in therapy and rehabilitation for her clients. She trusts in the body's intelligence and most importantly in her unwavering determination.

Healing will be a marathon of the Mind and Massive action will be undertaken.  The main stream health system is limited and disappointed when it comes to chronic pain, She decides to knock at the doors of the best in the world. She is looked after and eventually train with Australian Olympic Physios and massage therapists, European rehabilitation gurus, US pioneers in  sensory-motor psychotherapy, and clinical hypnotherapists for royalties and celebrities.

Years of research, trials and errors, together with her own skills and knowledge,  some precious chinese herbs and a nature, nature, nature... she slowly develop the hybrid and powerful method that she now practices to help people world wide. Today she wants more professionals to use her method, C'est La Vie Institute trains a Mind-Oriented Physical Therapy that is like no other. 

It is inevitable we are Life! and we are subject to its universal laws: The laws of physics, the laws of embodiment, the laws of being in the human form.
And so whether we like it or not! when we Ignore what Life wants and the reality of its working, we ignore the fundamental laws of Healing.

I discovered one truth! 
"All living organisms will spontaneously reorganise itself towards Health and Wholeness when enough of the right kind
of information becomes available"
What is left to do is surrender, let go of the healing journey, then and only then are we healed1

Once healed, Sylviane decides that her  job is to make sure that others can access, understand, and use this 
information so they too can heal and help others heal.


Psychotherapy | Hypnotherapy | Back Pain Treatment | Chronic Pain Treatment | Yoga Teacher | Physical Therapist

C"est La  Vie!   

"If you listen deep enough into nature

You learn that anything is possible" SGJ


Awareness and the power to look at the intelligence of her sensory -motor processes in her body and at herself as a Life process, always asking to shade old conditionings and align with the demand of Life to always go to the next level is at the heart of Sylviane's Healing. It is Evolutionary Psychosomatic Therapy

Sylviane does not disconnect this process from the physical, On the contrary, through gentle and powerful alchemy, she can put the puzzle together. An injury cannot be separated from the larger context of the human posture and The way our body holds us in alignment with our mindset, our beliefs, past successes, failures and traumas.

A Psychosomatic methodology slowly emerges. She calls it the "Postures of Beliefs".

She opens a clinic in the Northern Peninsula of Sydney, dedicated to chronic pain. The results are remarkable. She helps many including high performing athletes and celebrities.

Today she lives between Bali, Sydney and France and work with people from all over the world.

Psychotherapy | Hypnotherapy | Back Pain Treatment | Chronic Pain Treatment | Yoga Teacher | Physical Therapist