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"At SCOPE we believe that it is time for a game-changing approach in the way we look at health and the healing process of  a life in chronic pain"
Sylviane G.James

What is the Scope Method

The Scope method developed by Sylviane G.James, is the combination of powerful principles and techniques as well as her own life experiences and wisdom, used as a framework for the practice of postural psychotherapy.

Fundamental to the method are new paradigms and knowledge brought to the world by quantum physics - our new wisdom tradition - neuroplasticity, sensory-motor psychotherapy, anthropology, dynamic postural rehabilitation as well energy medecine, Yoga, Mindfulness, meditation.

Postural Psychotherapy stands on the shoulders of incredible people such as Dr Jo Dispenza, Heart Math, Dr Peter Levine, Dr Pat Ogden, Dr Dimartini, The Prague School of rehabilitation, Jeff Murray and Trich wisbey Roth both Olympic Consultants, Donna Eden of energy medicine, Rudi Eckard energy healer, together with human wisdom and spiritual clarity. 


It is this unique and incredibly powerful combination of the difference sciences and wisdom that Sylviane learned and practiced over the years, that created the scope method.

Sylviane's incessant search for a way to heal her own chronic pain is at the source of the method and the magic happened when she removed the separation between all these different disciplines and found the common thread that would become her empowering journey back to health and eventually the framework for Postural Psychotherapy.


Today, after years of clinical application and remarkable results with hundreds of patients Sylviane's answer to many of her patients asking - who else does what she does - is to teach this elegant and powerful method, spread the love and create what she defines as the "Next Generation of Healers"

This Method gives its supremacy back to the body, as the embodiment of our life experiences.  "The body is spiritual" and is at the heart of the patient's psychological states with no separation between mind-body-spirit. This way Sylviane can talk about "emotional muscles" or "spiritual tissues"!

Our human posture and movement patterns is inevitably linked to our perceptions, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, values and it is under those parameters that we determine where a person is holding stress patterns and traumas. We provide mindfulness strategies and intelligent exercises and techniques to releasing those stresses in the  musculoskeletal system, the belief system and ultimately in the person's life. It is an empowering journey of awareness, education and rehabilitation -

Sylviane has established her reputation as one of the best therapeutic Teacher in Australia and overseas, in a class of her own. You can know more about sylviane here


The scope method will help expand the healing skills of a variety of professions including physical and occupational therapists, massage therapists, yoga teachers, and athletes coaches, dance teachers, mental health practitioners, life coaches and more...
Our mission is to create global leaders in the SCOPE Method so we can make a real difference in one of the world's most misunderstood, pervasive and costly burden.

As innovators we want to leave a deep footprint

in the future of human health.