the next Generation of  chronic pain experts

The ground-breaking 
Sylviane James method

A Mind-Oriented Transformational Physical Therapyfor high impact chronic pain of the postural and neuromuscular system
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WHO - The World Health Organisation 

"Chronic neuromuscular skeletal pain is one of the the most pervasive, misunderstood and 
under-serviced health issue in the world!"

1.7 billion people

suffer from chronic musculoskeletal conditions worldwide, it is projected to continue to increase in the next decades. Nearly half suffers from chronic back pain and do not know whom to turn to

Chronic Pain demands that we solve a multidimensional 

Human Problem''

"Our body, mindset, and spiritual beliefs are all concerned".
"We need to look at the whole person experiencing pain, 
not just the pain experienced by that person"  SJ

Meet Sylviane

Sylviane has been described as  

"The Woman who can take the thorn out of the Lion's paw"

And that she has a "nose" that is the envy of Blood Hounds!

She has climbed a mountain similar to yours, She has walked the path before. She has unique insights into chronic pain,  backed up by years of research, trials and errors. She has uncanny intuition and her vitality and joy are inspiring.  Her purpose is clear and her determination unshakable. 

She has helped people with injuries, chronic pain, psychological trauma, stress and spiritual emptiness for over 30 years. She worked with celebrities such as Michael Jackson's manager and his dancers, High performance athletes and world champions, UN top executives, CEOs, Doctors and Professors, thousands of yoga practitioners and teachers, and people worldwide.

Today she wants to pass the torch. She is training the Next generation. She is infusing a life time of wisdom in the businesses, organisations and individual souls that are in search of a proven methodology to not only heal chronic pain but also prevent it.


Read Sylviane's incredible story

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Benny Collins - Michael Jackson, production and tour manager - Sydney Tour 1996

"She came out of nowhere. I saw how she took care of one of the stage technician who had back pain. I said to her " if you can help me with my back pain, you can take care of Michael's dancers during the tour... And she did!

Sylviane changed my Life, it's as simple as that"  Alieah

" I thought I would stay bent in half and in pain for the rest of my life . There was no way in my mind that i could stand tall again"

Sylviane  looked at me and said :

"Let's change this belief and give your body and your mind the power to stand tall again.."

In took 4 sessions!

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Watch the video

It won't be your average Training!

This training is for
the forward thinkers
the Health Visionaries
looking to give the very best to their patients


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"The Inquisitive Minds are the Noble minds" SJ

A Mind-Oriented
Transformational Physical Therapy®

The MTP Therapy® is designed specifically for neuromuscular and skeletal chronic pain that stem or are aggravated by limiting beliefs, stress, unresolved traumas.
No other approach shows you—or your clients— how to collaborate with the mind to heal sy heal symptoms that have been stuck for years.

Your Job!
is to learn how to read postural and neuromuscular dysfunctions in such a way that you can identify the underlying mindset at the root of painful symptoms that have stuck for years and work together to heal.By learning how to read the language of the body, can finally he

the 3 steps to healing 
high impact Chronic pain 


The Biomechanics of Beliefs™

step 1
Gathering information
"Your treatment is as good as your assessment" SJ

We are subjected to the natural laws of being in the human form. The depth of information gathered during your assessments depends on
Sticking to the facts, asking the right questions, without loosing sight of life intelligence


it's Inevitable !

Step 2
Analysing the information
Psychosomatic Diagnosis™
The Detective Work

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"is to make sure you access

understand and Process this information,

for the best possible diagnosis !'' Sylviane James

 My job 

Life has a way towards healing!

"All living organisms
will spontaneously reorganise
itself towards Health and wholeness
when enough of the right kind
of information
becomes available"*

Step 3
Psychosomatic Healing 
Integrating the information into your treatment
and exercise programs

Every client is unique,  and you will tailor your Treatment to each and every one.


The following resources will be your "healing palette". 

  • Postural Alignment Techniques: You and your clients are working together. Hands-on techniques to balance muscles, align the spine and joints and free the nervous system so the healing process can start

  • MMT (Muscle Memory Therapy): clear past physical and psychological stress locked in the muscles.  

  • Developmental and stabilising Rehabilitation Exercises - The breath/core stabilisation process -  encoding lost fundamental movement patterns, postural and neuromuscular rehabilitation exercises -   are taught in such a way that heighten your patients  awareness of the interplay between mind and body and insure new habits and transformation.

  • Pre-recorded Hypno-somatic audio: They will help accelerate the healing by encoding new mindset 


Let's do This!

Train with the best in the business!

Build a new and exciting career !
Grow your existing practice

Provide transformational tools
Breakthrough limiting beliefs
Change people's life

The biomechanics of beliefs 
is a professional training like no other

A Mind-Oriented
Transformational Physical Therapy® 

that helps you become the best at diagnosing and healing
High-Impact chronic neuro-musculoskeletal conditions


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"We must learn to look at the person experiencing the pain rather than just the pain experienced by that person"  SGJ

Why Is This Psychosomatic Training

the Very Best Career Choice?

  • This is an evidence-based approach developed over thirty years.

  • 1. 7 Billion people suffer from chronic musculoskeletal pain and do not know whom to turn to anymore! 

  • It helps you analyse the body's biomechanics in such a way that you identify the underlying mindset at the root of chronic pain.

  • It provides lasting freedom from many psychosomatic issues and achieve phenomenal success.

  • Powerful transformational tools to make a real difference and transform people's lives, including your own