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I N S T I T U T E     for     A    N E W    H E A L T H

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The next generation of health professionals are scientific healers and they transform lives!

We are Life! we often forget it... and as such we will spontaneously reorganise towards health andwholenes when enough of the right kind of information becomes available.

My job is to make sure you have access , understand and apply that information for your own healing and to help others.

The deeper we look into Nature the better we understand everything and the NEW HEALTH model looks at aligning human’s existence with Life’s inherent strategies.


Hi i am Sylviane has researched, learned from world's physical, psychological and spiritual experts. Finding the world's best practices and bodies of empirical knowledge that could be combined and transformed into one seemingly magical process of healing required a very subtle alchemy.This elegant and innovative methodology is now accessible through our expert training program. The next generation of "health practitioners" are healers of body and mind and they transform lives. 

“Chronic pain is one of the most under-serviced and misunderstood health care problems in the world today, causing major consequences for the quality of life of the sufferer and a major burden on the health care system in the Western world."

Professor Harald Breivik, International Associate for the Study of Pain

"We must learn to look at the person experiencing the pain rather than just the pain experienced by that person"

Sylviane G. James, Founder of SCOPE

WHAT we are!

We are Life, we are consciousness, energy frequencies organised and expressed as the Human Form.
We are made of intelligent organs, emotional muscles, spiritual tissues
Our Upright Posture is the embodiment of our unique human nature

If we want to change the way we practice medicine, we need to look at the body as the embodiment of Life itself and not just a piece of magnificent machinery that can break down and be fixed. Even though the legacy of the current health model is extraordinary: we save lives, we replace organs, we grow stem cells, we repair broken bones... it also needs to integrate the new paradigm of Modern Physics that now joins humanity's spiritual wisdom in a practical, make sense kinda way.

WHO we are!

We are upright beings living a story

Posture is more than the alignment of our joints - it reflects our life's journeys, our stories, our experiences, successes and failures - Our conditioning, our beliefs shape the way we stand and the way we move. Any musculoskeletal chronic pain demands that we look at the body and the habits of human postures as the expression of our mind. And then can we compare WHO we are with WHAT we are and see whether it aligns. Pain in this model is the signal that change is needed.

The Art of Alignment

Does WHO align with WHAT IS?

When we observe Nature, when we observe Life, it is evident that its inherent law is constant expansion. And as Life we are faced with the never-ending experiences and strategies that serve that expansion and growth.  Learning is Key, either unconsciously or in full awareness. Life systems are wired to learn more effectively from pain or in other words from what we want to move away from! Pain is telling us that something has not yet been learned, something needs to change if one wants to Grow and evolved. SO the only question is

What does Life wants and what do i need to learn to serve my/its growth and evolution.

The Body does not lie

Coaching people back to living an empowered life.


This comprehensive approach gives practitioners the skills to look at pain as an alert system, a message embodied in a patient's posture and its movement patterns as an inevitable embodiment of our perceptions, beliefs and emotions.

"Our posture deeply and inevitably reflects our past experiences, how we feel and how we act with the world around us" When a patient comes, they talk about their physical pain and so the body becomes the start of the journey into our mutidimensional being.

We train current therapists to navigate from the body to the mind and back. This integrative approach smashes the current concepts on mainstream pain management and treatment.

We use the latest body biomechanics, neuromuscular and skeletal science as a somatic science.  The Posture reveals muscles imbalances, muscles imbalances reveal emotional imbalances, emotional imbalances reveal, perceptions and beliefs and the past experiences and traumas (physical or psychological) that shaped them.

We Look at a each person's body like a new landscape and we are guided by Life inherent strategies, be it physical, mental or spiritual.  Conducting 360 º integrated assessments clarifys all underlying variables that contribute to the person's inability to solve the pain.

Taking the patient through this journey and educating them is crucial to shine
light on what they intuitively knew but never understood. Knowledge is Power and knowing the root cause is the start to living en empowered life.


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