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It is not your average course!

It is visionary, it is inspiring, it is practical, it is efficient, it is scientific healing
It is the Future of Health.

You will find the source of

Chronic Pain and you will


"When you look at the Body, you look at the Mind

When you look at the Mind you look at the Body" SGJ


Meet Sylviane

Sylviane has walked the path before. She has climbed a mountain similar to yours, and has unique insights to help you on your journey to become part of the much needed next generation of Chronic Pain Specialists.

You will be inspired and find a purpose that energises you and gives meaning to your work an your life.

You will experience vitality, the sense of aliveness that you get when you learn and apply new and mind-opening skills,

that you know will impact humanity and the future of health.

Life has a way towards Health


is to make sure you access and understand this information,

so you too, can heal, evolve and help others!'' Sylviane James

"All living organisms
will spontaneously reorganise
towards Health and wholeness
when enough of the right kind
of information

becomes available"*

 My job  

It's inevitable !

Our mindset has a

Postural and biomechanical


"Chronic pain

is pain of the past that lasts"

Poor postural habits, physical tension, discs issues, spinal and joints pain, nerve pain are but the end results of a misalignment with the laws of Physics but also Life inescapable principles of being in a human form. The cause may be found in unresolved physical injuries,  faulty training,  poor lifestyle habits and choices, but also a disconnection from the body due to limiting and negative beliefs, Psychological stress,  past traumas and a mind highjacked by stress responses.

"The Body has a Story to tell"

In this course

You will learn how to read the Body, assess postural and muscular-skeletal dysfunctions in such a way that you can identify the underlying mindset, unresolved trauma or injuries at the root of chronic pain.

You will tranform Lives with cutting edge postural alignment and rehabilitation exercises skills together with powerful  hypno-somatic techniques to release  limiting beliefs and empower your clients. 

There is a

Waiting list of

1.7 Billion people

who do not know whom to turn to!

Chronic Pain


Our spine, our human posture is more than the alignment of joints. It is the alignment of natural principles that go beyond the physical and into the experience of being in a human form

This course redefines pain, and the human body. We will teach you how to look at dysfunctional posture and biomechanics through the lens of Life Natural Principles of Growth and Expansion. Chronic back pain,  spine and joints pain, slipped discs, nerve pain, muscular tension, wear and tear are but one part of a merge larger story.

Life Experiences



Postural Psychology Therapy

PPT is informed by Life universal and natural laws,

These are the "rules" that underly everything.

And we cannot escape!

PPT is a hybrid methodology that stands on the shoulders of world reknown and proven scientific researches and applications in Bodymind Therapies, and it is backed up by hundreds of remarkable results from people in chronic pain who transformed their lives using PTT 


“Chronic pain is one of the most under-serviced and misunderstood health care problems in the world today, causing major

consequences for the quality of life of the sufferer and a major burden on the health care system in the Western world."

Professor Harald Breivik, International Associate for the Study of Pain

"We must learn to look at the person experiencing the pain rather than just the pain experienced by that person"

Sylviane James, Founder of C'est la Vie


Let's do This!



" I thought I would stay bent in half for the rest of my life. After so many years, I was used to it. I walked with my stick, I had trouble lifting my head up and looking at people. But i managed! I felt 1000 years old.

Sylviane said to me it was my beliefs that had created my posture and every day they were aggravating my muscles and my spine, the way I stood and the way I moved...

In took three sessions!!!

Sylviane changed my Life, it's as simple as that"  Alieah

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More Stories, more testimonials



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